08 March 2010

Evening Bags

Happy new week dear friends! Did you catch the Oscars last night? I love it because it's a night when dreams come true. I also love it for the gorgeous dresses, lovely jewelry and the tiniest evening bags!

With this in mind, I'll show you ways to glamour up this
blah bag:

I bought it several years ago but never used it.

I think it suffered a little identity crisis. The shape says "formal" but the brown thread & gold embellishments -- it certainly needed some updating.

But behind every ugly duckling is a beautiful swan!

This is what the bag looks like after I removed
the unnecessary extras.

I took out these gold buttons that I was saving.

Then attached the buttons to the bag.

I added a gold chain for a strap and Tada! -- a whole new look!

Don't you think it will sparkle
when paired
with this dress
from Anthropologie?

See you tomorrow!


  1. what a gorgeous update Claire! so pretty with that dress too :)

  2. It turned out beautifully - but then I love buttons... ;)

  3. Thank you much Nuit & Melissa! Happy Monday :)

  4. Very interesting transformation. I'd seriously love to see where you craft all these beautiful things. And that dress? Yes, please!

  5. Thanks for your visit Brandi! I want to say I have a craft room but I don't...just a craft table in a corner of the apartment :) Don't you just love Anthropologie?

  6. i love your fabulous re-do!!! it's so great, and buttons make everything better!
    glad you stopped by
    looking forward to more of your makeovers :)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by Michelle!


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