15 March 2010

Bookmark Bonanza

Sometimes, I feel like there is so much paper in my life -- paper bags, catalogs, junk mail and ticket stubs. And you know that throwing them out is not my first option. To turn them from blah to TADA!, my go-to idea is to turn them into bookmarks.

This has got to be one of the cutest
paper bags out there.

So I took my favorite graphic from the
(the spoon!) and made it into a bookmark.

I cut it out and mounted it on cardboard.

TADA! It does a great job marking pages in
my favorite cookbooks!


  1. Thats a really smart idea.
    And that cake in the book looks so delicious, to bad I cant read the recipe:)

  2. Super cute - wonderful bookmark for the cookbook? You know what I do to protect these kinda of bookmarks (I often make them from cards) I laminate them with packing tape (since, I don't have a fancy laminating machine)...

  3. Good Morning Fi! The recipe is called "Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova" from Nigella Lawson's "Forever Summer" book :)

    Howdy Melissa! I don't have a laminating machine either...I would love to borrow your DIY laminating trick :)

    Thanks girls for visiting me on this lovely Monday morning!

  4. Hi Claire- I just created some cookbook markers for downloading, but this spoon from the Trader Joe's bag is perfect and very "green" too. I want to go get one of those bags. I will have to look through my bag stash to see if there are any cute graphics I can cut out. You are so clever.

  5. So happy you like my little bookmark Kara & Carmie! Thanks for coming over :)

  6. Hey Claire, what a cute idea!

    p.s. I joined Friends of Martha too!


  7. Hi Britta! Hi Reese! I hope you can make your own spoon bookmark :) Take care!


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