17 March 2010

Mail Make-Over

Digital books are the rage these days. I think they're a genius idea but I still prefer leafing through paper and sniffing a brand new book. It's a simple joy of mine. I'm proud to say I take care of my books. No dog ears -- just bookmarks. And all this week, I'm making them myself!

I'm using these catalogs I got in the mail.

TADA! I get to save these inviting images by turning
the pages into bookmarks.

I think this mailer has a fabulous print.

Just cut a section and TADA! -- instant bookmark!

I love the floral prints on this perfume insert (the ones
you get in a magazine; just open & sample a perfume).

Fold it up, cut the unnecessary ends and TADA!,
another one to add to your collection.

Aren't you drawn to the modern
of this catalog cover?

I was and by now, you know what it did to it!


  1. Gorgeous! I love these! I used to do something similar for blank cd covers... xxx

  2. I don't know how you come up with the cool ideas! Way to go.

  3. Thanks Curious Cat! That's a great idea you have for CD covers :)

    Hi Rhonda! Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Thanks Chicken! It's a fun & easy project :)

  5. This is a perfect craft for my extremely limited attention span....Do you back the pictures onto card stock or anything?

  6. Thanks for visiting Dear Anonymous! I usually glue my "chosen print" on a thicker piece of cardboard or pick two related prints and stick them back to back. I use a glue stick over white glue so that the final bookmark comes out clean(no bumps). Happy crafting!

  7. This is awesome Claire!!! xoxox

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments Nuit & Morgan!

  9. Today I'm here... and love your blog and your "blah..tada!" xD thank you for your blog!!!

    1. Hello VaLeviL! It makes me happy to know that you like my blog. Please stop by anytime! :)


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