19 July 2012

Beaded Band

Hello! I've got another DIY bracelet to share with you. 

blah: cotton rope rescued from an old shopping bag,
and some metal fixtures

Divide the rope into four, and insert the metal fixtures.
Position them on both ends; we'll use these as
a closure mechanism.

This hook clasp came from a blah lanyard {you know, 
those things you use to wear your ID around your neck}. 

This ring came from a blah necklace. 

Sew the ends of the rope to seal them, and sew the 
individual strands together to create a thick band.  

I found some of these colorful beads in my stash... 

...which I then hand-stitched to my band. 
I chose to make lines, but the possibilities are 
endless -- chevron, diagonal stripes, circles.

The lines made of beads go all the way around. 

TADA! My take on the friendship bracelet! 

When stacked, I use a mix of my enamel and  
colored glass bangles.

Have a happy Thursday!


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