20 July 2012

Two-in-One Special

Hip, hip hooray, it's Friday!

Today, I have not just one, but TWO bracelet ideas for you. Both are made from leather cord that you can get at any craft or jewelry supply store.

Apart from the leather cord, I'm using this fish pendant for the first bracelet. I also got this at the bead store.  It's hollow inside, allowing the cord to go through.

After looping the leather through the pendant two times, and adding clasps at the end, I've got this adorable bracelet! TADA!

The second one is made of a collection of vintage beads. I used this beaded wrap bracelet tutorial as a guide to build my bracelet.

I folded a piece of cord in half and knotted both ends. I tied clear string {in the same length} beside one knot, and strung on the beads. I finished with a double knot on the clear string, and attached this on the knot at the other end of the cord. This strip of beads must be positioned in between the two cords. I used binder clips as "extra hands".

To secure the beads to the cord, and to add some color, I introduced yellow embroidery thread in a crisscross weaving pattern. 

 TADA! Here's what the finished bracelet looks like.

The loop and a sewed-on button become an instant clasp. 

Wear it solo. 

Or provide some company. 

I hope you enjoyed this bunch of bracelets we made.
Have a marvelous weekend!

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