17 July 2012

Modern Ethnic

Thank you for stopping by today! This week, I'm making a few fun and fabulous bracelets.

via Holst + Lee

Today's inspiration comes from the S/S 2012 collection of Holst + Lee, handmade by two spunky women designers based in Brooklyn.

via Holst + Lee
I think using blocks of primary colors with gold accents is quite attractive. There's a modern ethnic feel that commands attention. 

For my version of Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee's bracelets, here's what I'm using:

blah: an empty paper bag 

I'll be using the straps of the bag. 

It's a cotton rope that's both sturdy and pliable. 

 It's 32 inches long, which allows me to fold it in half and make knots in two areas.

I bought different colors of embroidery thread a few months back {they were on sale too!}. I got them with no specific agenda in mind, but today is the day I put them to use.

Wind a good amount of the embroidery thread around the rope following this process: start with a double knot, create a generous row {wind tightly} while covering the first knot, and end with another double knot. Cut the end of the thread but leave a small tail. Cover the knot and tail as you build another block with thread in a new color. 

Here's what it looks like now. 
Notice that I left an opening at the center. 

I sewed on a few silver beads to add some weight and sparkle.

Insert the tails into the loop and make a few knots to secure. 

 TADA!: My version of the modern ethnic bracelet 
worn alone...

...and stacked with a bunch of other bangles.

More ideas tomorrow!


Your comments are very much appreciated!