11 July 2012

A Scavenger Hunt

The crafty ideas on blah to TADA! this week come from the Camp Design Sponge newspaper:

I fell in love with the special edition publication when I saw it at an Anthropologie store. It felt so old school: a newspaper {most of the reading material we get these days can be downloaded with the click of a button}, stories about camp {as opposed to kids stuck in doors in front of some kind of digital screen}, plus the typewriter/handwritten fonts and pencil-sketched images used in the design. While you can order it on-line, there's some effort involved to obtain it. Once you have it, you feel a certain thrill.

The pages encourage exploration {outdoors, in the kitchen or the craft room} and one of the activities is a scavenger hunt. 

One is all about beach finds.

Another is for the park or forest.

What a brilliant idea, this scavenger hunt! Even if a beach trip or a hike in the woods aren't in your immediate plans, you can definitely do this at home, especially if it's too hot to go outside, or if it's raining, or if your children are driving you up the wall. Let me show you how:

blah: an empty paper bag 

 TADA!: make your own indoor scavenger hunt!

Customize it based on the ages of your children. You can write out the items or use pictures for the little ones who can't read yet. Go through the rules so that everyone understands how the game is played {Will you have a time limit? Which parts of the home will the hunt take place? Will an adult buddy up with a child? What's the prize?}

Prepare a bag for each child {you can have them find different items so they don't fight} and attach a marker on a string.

Put the found items inside the bag and cross them off the list as you go. 

The TADA!: the kids are entertained, and they help you in cleaning-up. If you'll notice, the stuff on the list are items of clothing they used during the day, and toys/supplies they played with. After the hunt, you can lead them up to mealtime {ex. sippy cup} or bath time {ex. rubber ducky} or bed time {ex. toothbrush}. Don't forget to hand them their prize!


Your comments are very much appreciated!