24 July 2012

Plastic Fringe

One of the things on my bucket list is to see a show during New York Fashion Week. I still don't know how to get a ticket, though. This is the reason I like to visit special fashion exhibitions at The Met. This year, it's all about two Italian designers, Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.  It's the closest I can get to seeing haute couture up close, and indeed, the dresses are mind-blowing -- talk about well thought of and well-crafted.

At the "Schiaparelli-Prada: Impossible Conversations" exhibit, these are some of the dresses that caught my eye:

via idiosyncraticfashionistas
This dress by Miss Prada is made of nude silk organza embroidered with orange and dark red plastic pailettes. It reminds me of fish scales.

via idiosyncraticfashionistas
This skirt, also made by Miss Prada, is made of silk twill and black felt with plastic fringe and orange feathers at the bottom. It's plastic but doesn't look cheap at all.

via labelholics.com
Miss Prada's focus on many of her designs is on the back. Her coats and dresses have something protruding like this brown-orange ombre' wool cloquet with orange feathers and plastic fringe. It's very dramatic.

I thought the plastic elements {pailettes and fringe} were quite quirky. It's the inspiration for today's blah to TADA! craft:

blah: plastic boxes that once
contained salad greens

Cut out the curved sections in favor of flat sheets. Then cut them into 1/2 inch-wide strips in varying lengths. {Just be careful, the edges might be sharp}.

Make holes at one end with a craft punch. 

Attach the strips to a necklace chain with jump rings. You can put 2 to 3 strips {use different lengths} on each jump ring to create several layers.

 TADA! A fringe necklace!

It gives the illusion of lucite pendants.

But only you and I know what this 
necklace is really made of!

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