30 July 2012

Paint Projects

Did you have a beautiful weekend? I hope your answer is yes. Painting has been on my mind lately. I think it's because of the gorgeous days of summer we've been having. This has led to a desire to collect all the colors I see and preserve them in some form of artwork. Or could I be feeling some envy?

I saw this set-up along the High Line. The master behind the brush captured versions of the New York skyline and sells them to visitors. Now, my painting skills aren't up to par, but that's what we're doing this week. Let's paint!

Everyday this week, we'll explore different ways to play with paint, beginning with this craft I ear-marked from the Martha Stewart Living Magazine {July 2012}:

via Martha Stewart
It teaches us how to make our own fabrics using a technique called block printing. Traditionally, block printing makes use of wooden blocks with carved patterns at the bottom. Imagine a giant stamp that's dipped in paint and then printed on cloth repeatedly. 

via  Martha Stewart
But this project caught my attention because instead of block prints, it makes use of everyday objects like a potato masher, a trivet, buttons or numbers glued to a piece of wood! Door knobs, mini tart tins, and yarn wrapped around a block are just some of the other options. Very blah to TADA!, right? 

via Martha Stewart
Lookie here! They're using a berry basket -- who knew that it would make for a graphic print? I'm still gathering my fabric, paints and objects before I can begin, but if you're ready with yours, you can find the instructions here. Once dry, you can turn your very own printed fabrics into hand towels, pillow cases or tote bags!


  1. Fun projects, Claire! Painting is on my mind too. Painting the pantry this week. The one I use for jars and canning and is located underneath the basement stairs.

  2. i ♥ the strawberry basket prints....so clever! I should be painting more. There are so many inspiring things!!! Nature is beautiful.

  3. Hello Betty! Hi Marfa! So happy to see you today...I hope all your painting projects will keep you inspired :)


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