12 July 2012

Searching for Stars

Stargazing is a simple summer night pleasure. Growing up, I anticipated seeing the first star of the evening, which meant I got to make a wish! Then I moved on shooting stars, and eventually identifying constellations.

The Camp Design Sponge newspaper provides a guide for stargazing. While it doesn't tell you the names of the constellations, it helps you to know what to look for. Take this page and a flashlight with you one evening, and see how many forms you can find.

Constellations make an enjoyable crafting theme. With just blah dots, a significant shape is created, and TADA! you've formed Virgo, Orion, Andromeda... 

Below are crafting kits I found on Etsy that anyone can put together this summer.

via Etsy
This zodiac sign embroidery kit is simple enough even for novice sewers. Once completed, keep it as a souvenir from your summer or give it away as a present.

via Etsy
The fabric is already pre-printed, and it comes with everything you need -- instructions with stitch guide, needle and thread, an embroidery hoop, and an extra piece of fabric to practice your French knots on. 

via Etsy
Here's a DIY pillow kit with a constellation design. This project is ideal for those learning how to use the sewing machine. 

via Etsy
It comes with the fabric and instructions. Just sew 'em up, add a cushion, and TADA!, a starry accent for your couch or bed.

via Etsy
Another seller has put together a star constellations vintage paper pack  gathered from old books. I would use these for collages, decoupage, and scrapbooks.

via Etsy
So even if the sky isn't clear or if the weather isn't for laying on the grass to wish upon a star, these crafts guarantee that stars will be out anytime you want.


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