31 January 2013

Mixed Media

I'm showing off my new craft punch this week.

It's a balloon design that turns old magazine or catalog pages from blah to TADA!  Scraps of gift wrap or decorative paper are other alternatives so we don't put pretty paper to waste, right?

Today, I'm using mixed media {collage and watercolor} to create unique birthday cards.

Here's what I've come up with:

Balloon cut-outs and a watercolor drawing. Perfect for a little girl's birthday! Match the number of balloons with her age.

The balloons here are a mix of watercolor and punched-out shapes. Using double-sided mounting tape on the back of the balloon cutouts will give these an elevated effect, adding some dimension. The blank space, now shaded in watercolor, is where I'll write my message.

On the cover of this card is a sign being lifted by a bunch of balloons. Personalize the sign any which way you want. Inside, a few stray balloons are added.  Just add a note around the balloons. Have a great day!

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