04 June 2013

Milk Bottle Love

What comes to mind when you see this:

It's a milk bottle made of glass! It brings me back to the past when milk was delivered right to your door. That was so long ago, but I'm delighted that some dairy farms still sell milk in these babies.

Once the milk is consumed, I like to reuse it to hold drinking water. To make the water even more TADA!, I infuse some flavor -- I add lemon.

I remove the skins with a peeler, juice the lemon and add these to the water. I tried using lemon slices but including the pith {white membrane} makes the water bitter.

I store this in the fridge and replenish with new lemon peel and juice after a few days. Lately, I've been starting my day with a glass of lemon water {diluted with some warm water so it's easier on the body} for its wonderful health benefits

A new use for an old bottle, flavored water and being mindful of our health...that's blah to TADA!

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