14 June 2013

For Father's Day

Before we jump into the weekend, another blah to TADA! transformation for all the bill envelopes that pile up on our desk.

On the outside, it's blah and boring.

But inside, it's a party...TADA!

Similar to yesterday's craft, I'm making another greeting card.

This one's for my dad -- it's Father's Day on Sunday.

I painted on some hearts...because for most little girls, daddy is the first man you love.
I felt like a five year old making a card for my dad. I could easily buy him a fancy one with all the bells and whistles. But this "recycling thing" has my hand stamp all over it. My dad taught me how not to waste anything and he still loves sending me snail mail. I think it's a perfect fit.

For my Papa and for all the dads out there -- Happy, 
Happy Father's Day! 

Have a glorious weekend, folks!

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  1. I like using the 'insides' of envelopes too. I guess I am not the only one:) Thank you for your ideas Claire!


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