24 June 2013

Something Fishy

Howdy everyone! So nice to see you on my blog today. Summer is upon us and that means potlucks and picnics. One of the go-to dishes I take to a potluck is a spinach dip paired with crackers, veggies and chips. While it's always a runaway hit, experimenting with something new keeps away the blah.

One day, I was watching Laura Calder on The Cooking Channel.  She came up with this easy appetizer using sardines.  

She suggests we get the best sardines we can find {there are shops in France that specialize in just sardines!} -- from our gourmet grocer, perhaps?

Put the sardines on a platter {take away the lids}. Add a generous dish of butter, slices of lemon and rounds of freshly toasted baguette. 

Here's how you assemble it: butter a piece of bread, top with sardines, and finish with a squeeze of lemon. Oh la la!

It's an appetizer that's hearty, healthy and TADA!

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