10 June 2013

Bill Envelope Make-Over

Hello there! Thanks a lot for coming over today.

I'm sure that like me, you find bills in your mailbox that come in these white envelopes. Quite blah. But did you ever try looking at the lining inside?

They're usually printed in shades of blue, gray and black -- it keeps the contents private. Seeing these prints gets me into "recycling" overdrive! All this week, I'll show you how we can turn these envelopes from blah to TADA!

Today, I'm trying my hand at paper cuts.

I'll use these dandelions as inspiration. I like them because when you blow on one, you're allowed to make a wish

My first try at paper cutting was pretty simple. I trimmed the envelope into a square. Then I drew a few dandelions. With an X-acto knife, I cut around the stem and petals. 

Instead of cutting out the petals entirely, I left them attached at the center. Then I lifted each petal for a two-dimensional effect.

Presenting my little creation. TADA!

Maybe I'll glue this to a sheet and display it on a bulletin board. It will be my reminder that recycling, trying something new, and making wishes is always TADA!

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  1. What a great idea using up those old envelopes. I am a committed recycler and cannot throw anything away without first thinking 'how can I repurpose this?'


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