26 June 2013

Sardine Can Stories

Nathalie Alony is a sculptor who turned sardine cans from blah to TADA! She birthed these stories that take place inside sardine cans. It's like watching a tiny television or viewing your neighbors from their apartment window. They draw you in and the little details are captivating.

While some themes are quite racy, here are a few capturing everyday life:

via messynessychic

via messynessychic

via messynessychic
Curious about the other scenes? You may view them here.


  1. Really? Sardines Cans?!?!?!
    You know the nest TADA creatives, Claire.
    Looks so cute and so easy to bring the young on TADA Crafts. I'm certainly going to use this with my Sunday School kids...
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. Thanks for your visits, Teresa! :)


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