06 April 2020

The 100 Day Project

Have you guys heard of the 100 Day Project? It's a free art project that takes place online. All you have to do is choose a project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject.

After I completed it in 2017, I promised myself to "Do Something Creative Everyday" as a form of relaxation and to practice my art. I've been pretty successful in keeping that promise even if the days are busy or I'm not in the right mood. The secret is to stick with simple projects. 

Here are my go-to crafts, reminiscent of when we were children:

Coloring Books
I like to use watercolor, colored pencils or felt-tipped pens instead of crayons for easier layering and shading.

I still love buying stickers for scrapbooking, making handmade cards, and decorating packages. Stickers are one of life's little pleasures!

Rubber Stamps and Inks
I must admit, I have a big collection of rubber stamps and I use them in my Bullet journal, on fabric and even ceramics...TADA!

Clay Crafts
Maybe it's the soothing feeling of the clay between my hands or the possibility of making something out of nothing is what makes clay crafts very satisfying. 

Stencil Art
Tracing shapes or letters using stencils was always fun for me. And I use this technique to this day, even making my own stencils here, here, and here.  

Spiral Art
How many of us had this iconic toy when we were little? It's a tool to make spiral art! I bought this at the Dollar Store for nostalgia's sake. 

Each of these plastic coins glide around the perforations in the circle to create unique shapes. Pen colors can also be switched up to add more character. 

The repeating circles can be hypnotic and and quite relaxing.

And instantly, I've created my version of modern art...TADA!

All these crafts take a minimum of 10 minutes, very simple and low commitment ways to turn blah to TADA! but have long-lasting benefits.

Would you like to participate in the 100 Day Project? Now would be a good time because we have nowhere to go but to shelter-in-place. It officially starts tomorrow, April 7 (but you can start anytime you want). If you're curious, you can find more information here.  

I'll be participating right with you. My project is "100 Days of Silver Linings". If you're not familiar, "Silver Linings" refers to a "sign of hope in an unfortunate or gloomy situation."

Everyday, I will seek out stories of hope and make a watercolor rendition of what I find.  I'll share my progress in a future post.

Be safe and make art!


  1. You picked a perfect 100 day project! I just finished a 100 day project of a different sort: 100 days of journaling about bravery after the death of my dad. No, it didn't make me braver, but it did give me peace.

    1. I am very sorry for your loss, Priscilla. Grief is never easy. Sending you hugs, peace, healing and bravery.


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