11 April 2012

Draw and Wrap

Well hello there!

I found this empty box, and while it's in a happy
yellow shade, I feel it's a little blah.  

I'll spruce it up with TADA! stencils made from a 
blah plastic container and a craft punch. 

I positioned the stencils on the box and secured 
them with masking tape. 

 Since I've got an autumn theme going on, I chose
markers in earthy shades.

Lookie! The box looks different now. 

Put the present inside and finish with a bow...
TADA!a cute and quick gift box!


  1. Claire, I thought the box pretty in it's plain state but then you gave it that extra tada! What a pretty package!

  2. Oh Betty, you sure do know how to make me smile! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! What a great way to make stencils.


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