16 June 2010

Animal Prints

I was rummaging through my makeup bag and came up with a large pile of cosmetics that I need to throw out. But I told the trash can not to display the "Welcome" sign to my stuff just yet. We've got some blah to TADA! to do.

Blah: Powders like eye shadow, foundation & blush.
You can only keep them for two years.

Pry them out of the compact and
pound them into a fine powder.

Add the powder to a half-filled bottle of glue.
One color per bottle.

Mix thoroughly using a skewer.
Make sure the color reaches the
bottom of the bottle.

TADA! Our very own paint!
My custom colors inspired me to make some
animal-print note cards.

I used the brown paint for this giraffe print.

The black paint for my zebra print.

Let this dry overnight.

Ooops, looks like I didn't grind the powder that well.
But I quite like the 3-D effect and grainy texture!

Using glue gives an embossed look and the glitter in
the eye shadow adds some sparkle!

Imagine what else you can do with pink blush and
electric blue eye shadow!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...These are fantastic...I love the ideas you come up with...

  2. Hi Hez! Thanks for visiting!

  3. And here I thought that old makeup was only good for the garbage can:) What great ideas Claire! Who would have thought??

  4. Nice to see you today Betty! Thanks for saying Hi :)

  5. Thats a great idea - I definately have some old eyeshadow and glue I can use for this!

  6. Hello Sooz! Can't wait to see what you make :)

  7. I love this! Those cards are adorable.

  8. Hi, Claire! Thanks for casting a glance at my blog! These prints are lovely! You could make and sell cards with different prints. I will try to use my eye shadows that I never use for stuff like that. Thanks for the idea! By the way, I love your earlyer posts about reusing of lipsticks, mascara and dryer lint. Dryer lint could be used for felted things like animals, flowers, etc.

  9. Claire this is waaaay too cool!!!

  10. You can take those makeup containers to Origins when they are empty and they will recycle them. :)

  11. Hi Miss Destined for Now! Super happy you find these DIY card cute :)

    Hello Paskalily! I've been curious about felting and I really want to try it. I'll post my projects when I'm successful :)

    Nuit!!! I love your enthusiasm!

    MCC Recycle, thanks for the tip! I hope they take any brand, not just Origins.

    Thanks everyone for visiting me today!

  12. Great idea, Claire. I am going to use to add some color to my seashells on upcoming party:) By the way, I did used that last piece of fabric that you gave me a suggestion on. It is not a pillow though:( but it worked out. Thanks a lot!

  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I saw some older posts and all I can say is WOW! You are very, very CREATIVE.
    I love what you do with makeUP.
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Love from Argentina!!!

  14. ummmm... your blog is amazing...

  15. Hello Alexandra & Julia! Thanks dear :) I love your jewelry box -- it's so TADA!

    Hi Miss Euphoria -- thanks for visiting my blog, too! Thank you for the generous compliments *blush* :)

    Howdy K! Thanks for stopping by! You are too kind :)

  16. I can't believe you thought of this! I would have NEVER! You are amazing...simply a.maz.ing.

  17. Awww, LacyHolly! Thank you! I really racked my brains to come up with this one :)

  18. This is a super idea - have you tried the blush powder? Am going to use this idea and thanks for posting.

  19. Hi Frances! Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't tried using blush but I imagine similar results. Happy crafting! :)

  20. the make up doesn't rub off at all? i love the imagination!

  21. Thanks for visiting Lisa! The glue does a good job holding the powder on the paper :)

  22. OMGosh!
    Now this is the best idea since sliced bread!
    I can't tell you how old my make up is...
    You'll send me off to makeup reform school!
    it's July...time to stock up on elmers at .25 a bottle!!!

  23. Hi Erica! Your enthusiasm is sooo infectious! May the world have more people like you. Thanks for visiting :)


  25. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Anonymous! Appreciate it :)

  26. brilliant! i 'll be using that!

  27. Happy to help Zozo! Thanks for visiting :)

  28. What a great and easy idea! I always hated throwing away unused eye shadow I couldn't wear. I will be making some colorful glue! I love to scrapbook so this will be great for new ideas...endless! Thanks for sharing!

  29. LOVE IT!!! I was trying to find a use for all the left over stuff from over the years and this is perfect for my kids to use at daycare! Thanks so much!

  30. Appreciate your visit (and comment!), Brandy! :)

  31. Excellente idée!!!!

  32. What a fantastic idea. I do have some old eye makeup that is ready to be tossed; now all I have to do is to get some good old Elmer's glue and I'm off!


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