09 June 2010

Flower Pendant

This week on my blog, I'm turning dryer lint from blah to TADA!

Ever since Rane wrote me an e-mail & proposed this challenge,
I tried to remember to collect lint each time I did the laundry.

And in the past two days, I've shown you how to make these
fabric balls that I turned into push pins & into a colorful
necklace...all out of dryer lint & old t-shirts!

I've got a few extra fabric balls that I sewed together:

TADA! I made a cute flower!

Add a pin to the back to make a brooch, or...

Sew a jump ring to the back of the flower & thread to a chain.
Now you've got a fun flower pendant!

Kindly take note that dryer lint is flammable.
Take extra care when wearing this necklace.
Otherwise, replace dryer lint with fiber fill
taken from an old, ready-to-throw pillow.


Your comments are very much appreciated!