24 June 2010

Tray Magnifique!

Thanks for stopping by today!

I was at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and got so inspired
with crafting and maybe making a business out
of crafting someday.

For you who have taken the leap from hobby to business,
I've showed you some ideas on how to display
your handmade jewelry using very simple materials.
I've got a few more!

Here's a good peg -- use vintage jewel boxes,
drawers & cigar boxes. Make sure to have
a mirror handy for those who want to
try before they buy.

You can also use plates, bowls and platters
to organize your wares.

Here's another easy DIY idea:

Blah: A shoe box lid.

Wrap it in fabric or if it's as colorful as this one...

Just flip it over!

Add a layer of felt.
Use all black to give shoppers the feeling of being at the
poshest jeweler or go crazy with the wild colors.

Then add small to medium-sized accessories on your inventory.

Use it for vintage pins.

Or these retro rings.

You may also use this display box for buttons, hair pieces
hand stamps or stationery.


  1. Hi Claire, Love your blog and the whole concept behind it! I'm adding it to my google reader!

  2. I love this idea! All of my jewelry is smashed together in a little tin. I'd love to try this craft :).

  3. Welcome to my blog GB & Roysie! Thanks a bunch for visiting & leaving such dear comments. :)


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