17 June 2010

Cute Cases

Happy Thursday! It's all about makeup on my blog this week.
Specifically, makeup that's past its expiration date.

I bet you have a few of these, too!

Compact cases for eye makeup, powder/foundation and lip color.
If the makeup police say "throw", go ahead and get rid
of the makeup (remove the small aluminum tray
containing the makeup) but keep the case!

TADA! Compact cases that look brand new!

Just clean it up with soap & water, dry thoroughly
and embellish with some bling.

TADA! We can put stuff inside!

This one keeps oil blotting paper (folded to fit).
Works for tissue, too.

This one can hold business cards.
Depending on the size of the compact, it can
fit traditional-sized cards or these mini ones from Moo.

You can steal a glance of yourself before you hand out
your card.

Keep vitamins & prescription meds
in this lovely case.
Great to take when travelling!

Mints or gum can also fit this one snugly.

See you tomorrow for more ideas!


  1. Wow how cute are they tada indeed!!!

  2. Oooooh I love this one!! Super great idea. :)

  3. TOTALLY COOL!! i LOVE the tada look and the idea of it all! you are sooo smart! and yes, i do have a lot of expired makeup, eeks!

  4. great idea! And yes, I do have expired make-up.

  5. Thank you my dear Kara, Sandy a la Mode and Justine! I'm happy you liked the ideas and even glad that I'm not the only one with expired make-up! Take care :)


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