07 June 2010

Blah to TADA! Challenge: Dryer Lint

Thanks for stopping by today!
It's been a while and I think I'm ready for a new challenge.
Rane wrote me a few months back:

Hi ya Claire!! I have a true challenge for you! What can you do with dryer lint? Every week I throw this away and always wonder could it be used for something?

I hear ya Rane!
So this week, let's make a detour to the laundry room
en route to the craft room.

Like most of you, I throw away lint from the dryer.

I only recently started keeping it in this bag.

I must admit, lint isn't very attractive.
But it reminds me of fiber fill.

I got myself a few fabric scraps:

I cut them into circles.

Then sewed a running stitch around.

I pulled the thread slightly so the fabric bunched up.
Then stuffed it with dryer lint!

Pulled the thread all the way to
seal the edge & then knotted the thread.

Here's the result:

TADA! I made little fabric balls
out of dryer lint & scrap fabric.

Then I attached them on the head of
these tacks with hot glue:

Note: The tacks get hot when hot glue is applied -- this
may burn your fingers. To avoid this, pin the tacks to a cork board,
add a bead of hot glue, then add the fabric ball.
Allow to dry and pull away any excess glue.

Another TADA! -- push pins!

These will dress up any cork board at home,
in school or at the office.

See you again tomorrow!


  1. Happy Monday Lana! Thanks for your visit :)

  2. Dang! You are good! I was really curious what in the world could be done with dryer lint. Thanks for your posts!

  3. Here's what I do with it: I put it in a cardboard egg carton, melt wax into each section, and use them as fire starters :)

  4. Oh cool! I just made fire starters: http://www.dinneratchristinas.com/2010/05/eco-friendly-fire-starters.html

  5. Another genius use for dryer lint! Thanks Christina!

  6. WOW! I am totally shocked about what you just did with the dryer lint....

  7. I am going to lint this to my blog. Feel free to visit.



  8. that's acutally really cool! how did you think that up?

  9. What a cute way to use up dryer lint..love it!
    Now what uses can you make with used dryer sheets..there must be something:)

  10. That is pretty clever, as are the firestarters! :) I save my lint for my worm compost bin. Apparently worms like lint. Who knew?

  11. Hello Justine! Thanks for featuring some of my projects on your blog...I'm honored :)

    Hi there Miss Viva La Fashion! I must admit, I was challenged with this challenge :) But it was fun!

    Oh Betty R...I have some ideas for dryer sheets already!!! Can't help thinking about dryer sheets when you're working with lint :)
    I'm preparing it for a future, future post since some ideas work for a certain season.

    Hi 180/360! I have to try using them as fire starters and that's a cool tidbit about worms!
    I've got to hand it to the worms -- they are earth-friendly inside & out :)

  12. OOOOOoh! Love this! And so happy you took my challanege! Lint is something we all throw away.. and all it really is is fabric right? Hummm... got me started all over again thinking about it...LOL! I will love reading all week and seeing what you make of it. Have fun everyone.

  13. Hello Rane *wave*!!! Thanks for giving me the idea to do the challenge :) Hope you like the ideas!

  14. Hello! Great ideas!
    Have you considered sewing the tack into the ball when you pull the thread? Seems like it might work, although, you are the expert.

  15. That's a great tip, Anonymous! Thanks for building on the ideas and for visiting my blog! :)


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