10 June 2010

Light My Fire

Rane, one of the blah to TADA!'s lovely readers
challenged me to transform blah dryer lint into a TADA!
I hope I haven't disappointed her so far.

As I've mentioned in the previous posts,
dryer lint is highly flammable,
so it's important to take care when re-using it.

But today, we'll take advantage of its flaming super power by
crafting a fire starter kit.

Fill a box or tin with dryer lint.
Add a set of matches or a lighter,
and TADA! -- simple materials to
get a fire going for your next camping trip.

Put the box of lint & matches in a
resealable plastic bag to prevent
it from getting wet.

Happy camping!


  1. Oh my! Your starter kit is much prettier than my baggie of lint! Thanks to your blog I look at everything in a new way!

  2. Awww, thanks Saskatoon Laura! This kit is made from an old box and the floral paper is actually a page from an old catalog. Must add a little "style" to hardcore camping, heehee :)

  3. All of your lint creations are fantastic! I wonder if you've heard of Green Craft magazine by Stampington and Co? They are always calling for creations. I am 100% certain they would publish some of the things that you have done if you submit them! Here's the link, I highly encourage you! http://www.stampington.com/html/greencraft.html

  4. Thanks for your encouragement Vanessa! I've seen Green Craft at the bookstore and made a mental note to possibly send them a query...I need a little bit of courage. It'll be on my TO DO list :)

  5. What about dryer sheets to hold the lint? Are they safe?

  6. omg absolutely ridiculously awesome! im totally trying some of these dryer lint ideas. when i was little, i cut out two identical construction paper bears, put lint between them, and stapled them shut. it was my version of a teddy bear. lol this knocks the socks off my creation! :]

  7. Thanks for visiting Angie May! I give you props on making your own teddy bear! Creativity at such an early age :)

  8. t ´s a very funny idea!
    have a nice weekend !

  9. Thanks Liliana! Have a sweet & fun weekend, too!

  10. Just curious if you've ever Blah to Tadad with dryer sheets?? I've been saving them for quite awhile now because I just know they have potential. any ideas??

  11. Hello Jessica! Thanks for coming over today. I have a few ideas for dryer sheets (you aren't the only one who asked) which will be the subject of a future post. Stay tuned!


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