11 June 2010

Building a Nest

I can't believe it -- it's already Friday!
This week flew by so quickly.

This week, I accepted Rane's challenge to turn
blah dryer lint into a TADA!

I came up with a few ideas that made
this more, ummm, visually appealing.

Without further ado, here's my final idea:

Remember this Rit Dye?
It came with the Martha Stewart goody bag.
Haven't used it yet and I think today's a
good day.

I put a cap-full of dye in a plastic tub and
added the dryer lint (about 2 cups).
Mix using a skewer or chopsticks.
Let it soak for a few hours.

The lint is like cotton, making it easy to absorb
the dye. The final shade will depend on the
color of the lint & length of soaking time.

When satisfied with the color, remove dryer lint
from the dye solution. Use rubber gloves!
Wring out all the liquid.
Let it dry on sheets of newspaper.

Once dry, put the dryer lint into a plastic tub and
pour in some white glue (about 1/4 cup).
Mix using a skewer or chopsticks.

With rubber gloves on, mold into desired shapes.

I created little nests & used these plastic cookie trays as a mold.
Allow to dry for a couple of days.

TADA! I made these nests out of dryer lint!

I added some colorful birds that I got from
a little shop in Chinatown.

The feathers, I picked up in the park
during a summer walk.

The eggs are painted paper mache'.

I think I'll use them as place settings
(just add the name of the guest) for a dinner party.
They double as a centerpiece & party favors, too!

Have an eggs-cellent weekend folks!


  1. Claire, you are cracking me up right now. A whole week on dryer lint . . . and you saved the best for last. :)

  2. Cute.cute.cute! Who'd have thought you could do so much with dryer lint? How ingenious!
    Peace & Love,

  3. Thanks Glenda...it was a tough challenge, I must say :) Glad that the nests made you smile!

    Thanks dear Rosita!

    Thank you Barb! Who knew that dryer lint has other talents, too :)

  4. Wow. so cute! I really admire your creative way of recycling :)

  5. Claire, thanks for visiting my Blog and thank you for your lovely comment. Love your Nest project. How would you call this technique? Lint mache'? You have to name it! :)

  6. Very clever! I would never have thought to do that with dryer lint and the end result is fabulous.

  7. Thanks Alexandra & Julia! "Lint mache"...I like that :)

    Thank you Kathryn!

  8. I love your blog.
    It is awesome wath you can do.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Have a nice day! Lartisteenvrac.

  9. that's hilarious! maybe I should have kept that lint I just cleared out of my dryer!

  10. Thanks Lartisteenvrac! Please visit again soon :)

    Glad you had a kick out of my crazy ideas Miss Out of the Frame! Thanks for your comment :)

  11. Wow! I'm glad I found your blog. You are amazing and my husband is going to love you for saving us money on cute little containers, boxes for things, and smart gifts. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  12. haha very cool :) Nice birds/owls :)

  13. This is so cute! You are so creative...it's amazing just looking at all your posts! I hate to admit I've looked at dryer lint before and wondering what I could do with it. I never came up with anything...until now! : )

  14. Hi Lisa! Thanks for visiting me today & thanks for your lovely comment :)


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