22 June 2010

A Necklace Stand

I went to this awesome craft fair on the first weekend of June.
You must check out their website to see if they'll be in your city,
and if they'll be there, do yourself a favor and go -- lots of
craft love, handmade goodies & inspiration!

Here's one of the booths selling one-of-a-kind necklaces & earrings:

Cute display, don't you think?

If you are participating in a craft fair, street market
or selling your jewelry online, I have an
idea to show off your handiwork.

Blah: old pieces of cardboard.

Cut the cardboard to mimic a woman's upper body.

Trim an empty toilet paper roll...

This will act as the stand to elevate the cardboard.
Secure in place with hot glue.

Cover the cardboard "bust" in scrapbook paper.
Use a plain color so the jewelry you'll be putting
on it will stand out.

TADA! A great way to display intricate neck pieces
like this bib necklace or one with a fancy pendant!

If you sell online like on Etsy or ebay, this technique
will give potential buyers an idea of the necklace's
size, length & how it will look when worn.

And if you sell at shops or markets, have a few
of these bust stands to shine the spotlight on the
necklaces that you yourself crafted.

Every artwork needs a pedestal!


  1. And Claire did you make those necklaces too?
    Great idea for the stand and the necklaces are so pretty:)

  2. Love the subtle sunshine yellow stripes you've done, its really lovely. I might try making one for my dresser!

  3. Thanks so much Betty! I made the first & the 3rd necklace. The second is a flea market find :)

    Thanks for visiting C! This will be useful & beautiful to display on your dresser :)

  4. What a great way to make your own display!

  5. this is soooo great and i love the color that you used....
    i'm always looking for new ways to display my things...all of your ideas are so inspiring

  6. Hi, first many thanks for your instructions. And may you share for me a idiot the measurement of the upper body of your stand?

  7. Thanks for your comment Tara! The top part/neck area measures 5 inches and the middle section can range from 8 to 10 inches, then tapers at the bottom (about 6 inches). Happy crafting! :)


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