15 June 2010

Lots of Kisses

It's all about makeup this week.
Old, beyond the expiration date makeup...

Such as lipstick and lip gloss.
Lipstick & gloss should be thrown out after 2 years.

But you know we won't do that just yet!

We have to create some kisses & make them last.

Here's how:
Apply lipstick & make kiss marks on slips of paper.
If the lipstick is past its prime {we don't want any infections},
get a lip brush and paint some sexy lips on paper.

TADA! You can send kisses to everyone you love!

Insert some kisses in the next greeting card you send.

Fill a box with kisses and mail it to your boyfriend
who lives far away (make your long distance relationship work!).

Seal an envelope With A Kiss.

Friends can send kisses to a loved one
fighting cancer -- she can hang this by her bed
and always know that she's loved.

So what are you waiting for?
Send out those kisses!


  1. I now try to guess (after seeing your first picture in each post), what you could possibly do with that item. With this makeup series, I didn't have any idea at all. You are so creative. Loved the idea of sending the kisses on a string to someone with cancer.

  2. Oh Glenda! Thanks so much -- I hope you are having fun with the "guessing game" :) Take care!

  3. Hi Claire! Lovely to meet you! What a fantastic idea! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. oh what a great idea!! i know just who i am gonna send this to ;) thank you Claire!

  5. Welcome to my blog Amanda!

    Hi Nuit! Happy kissing :)

  6. I have been searching for things to do with my old makeup! You're genius! And when you're all done with the lipstick, you can take the clean tubes to Origins - they'll recycle them for you!

  7. Thank you for visiting Steph! Someone told me about Origins taking empty make-up cases, too.
    Thanks for tip, I'll make sure to do that :)


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