14 September 2009

The Bag of Scrap

Happy Monday Everyone!

Let me tell you about what I found at a one of my favorite New York City flea markets. I found a vendor selling bags upon bags of scrap! Yes, that's excitement in my voice alright! Only you fellow crafters can truly understand what the value of a bag of scrap means to me.

Here it is, my two dollar flea market find!
I quickly opened it and segregated my treasures.

A brooch, pendants, buckles, faux pearls,
beads, buttons,
loose chandelier parts,
a bunch of findings & earrings without a pair...

...and even more beads in fun colors & sizes.

I picked this little mouse for my first blah to Tada! project
from this bag of scrap.
Some rubbing with a soft cloth
made him shiny & new.

A hook below its mouth tells me that this is a buckle.

And a belt buckle it will be!
I bought myself some stretchy
velvet ribbon
and a gold connector.

I cut the ribbon to the ideal size,
attached the
mouse buckle on one end &
the connector
on the opposite end by hand stitching.

Tada! I have a quirky, cute belt
to liven up a simple outfit!


  1. Aww thats so cute! I love your mousey belt! And I'm jealous of your bag of scrap!

  2. Good morning Sooz! I must say, this bag of scrap has a lot of goodies inside, heehee =)

  3. oh how wonderful - a new lease of life for the little fellow! xxx

  4. I wish we had flea markets with things like that! We're seriously lacking in that area. That mouse makes for a too cute buckle! Very unique :)

  5. Hello Curious Cat & Brittanie! Thank you for saying hi today =)

  6. Thanks a lot Katie! Have a happy Monday =)

  7. oh, a a surge went through my body, when i saw the bargain you found. swoon! adorable belt.
    : )

  8. Hi there Christina! I know I'm not the only one who goes gaga over a $2 bag of scrap =)

    Hello Little C & Little J! Thanks for popping in to say HELLO =)

  9. veeery cute and unique! gosh you are so creative Claire!!!

  10. What a great idea! Your blog is great. Thanks for stopping by and commenting over at Concerning: Pancakes.

    Enjoy your day!

  11. Your little mouse is adorable. Very creative idea.

  12. Hello Stephanie & Judy, so glad you stopped by to leave these really encouraging words!

  13. Awww too cute..Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the other things...

  14. Hi Lisa! Thanks a lot -- tune in this week to see the other TADAs =)

  15. too darn adorable. i'm bloody jealous of your scrap and knack for turning up things out of scrap. well done! can you imagine there're people who'd charge crazy prices for one such.

  16. Welcome to my blog Tom Tuttle from Tacoma (love saying that)...why buy it when you can D-I-Y it?! =)

  17. You are totally amazing and talented!!!

  18. Hi Doddle Girl! Welcome to my blog & thanks so much for your sweet comment =)

  19. This is so cute. I want a little gold mouse belt! (I have a soft spot for rodents, obviously).

    So great!

  20. Howdy PrettyPinkRat! The little mouse buckle was a real treasure in this bag of scrap...a golden ticket of sorts! =)


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