03 September 2009

Ice Pops

It's all about cool & sweet this week when we turned plain old ice cream from blah to Tada!

Here's another idea using a recipe adapted from Gourmet magazine:

We'll turn vanilla ice cream into Strawberry-Vanilla Swirled Frozen Pops!

Here's what we'll need:
1 lb strawberries, hulled & halved

1/2 cup sugar

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

2 pints vanilla ice cream, room temperature

12 (1/3 cup) ice pop molds or 12 paper cups and 12 wooden sticks

Here's what we need to do: Mash strawberries in a large bowl with a potato masher or fork. Add the sugar and the lemon juice. Add in the vanilla ice cream and mix just enough to combine.

Spoon the mixture into molds or cups -- I used an ice cube tray.

Add the wooden sticks & return to the freezer until firm.

Tada! Pink popsicles with bits of juicy strawberries.
Go ahead and indulge!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


  1. I'm sorry to break the news---it's Thursday. Maybe it's your Friday??? Have a great day and I enjoy reading your blog! --Laura

  2. Hahaha! Thanks Laura...my mistake =) Now corrected =)

  3. Fabulous ideas! And it certainly is the season for ice cream, gelato, or something cold.

  4. Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your recycling...I am big big big on that but not so crafty. I am going to put you on my sidebar on my Schemmelohos blog....my personal journal blog (links through my cooking Mad Chemist Blog). Good reading and keep it up!

  5. wow I love this and the blah to tada what a neat idea keep up the good work lol Rebecca

  6. Hello Carla, Trish and Chow & Chatter! Thanks for visiting. Your comments made me smile =)

  7. yummy!!! I am totally doing this!

  8. Mmm...these look good! Cute blog and I love your recycling aspect...

  9. Hi Nuit, Queen B. and Mixing Bowl Mama! Thanks a lot for visiting me today =)

  10. Oh my goodness, what a fun week, I am loving all the ice cream ideas!! Makes me want to buy some icecream now! :)

  11. Hi there Little Green...go ahead and reward yourself with some ice cream this weekend!

  12. Hi there PrettyPinkRat! No one has ever commented on my photography, heehee (I'm learning as I go)! Your comment really made my day =)

  13. Thanks Gingham Skies! Hope you'll have a chance to make these, too =)


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