07 September 2009

Honey Bears

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend has left you rejuvenated and excited for the new week. It's all about cute and cuddly on blah to Tada!. But you may be asking, "How can something cute and cuddly be a blah?"

Does this answer your question?
When a honey bear bottle
has no honey anymore,
that qualifies as a blah!

Blah is now Tada! when we re-use the bottle.
Fill it with juice (cranberry, orange or grape are my picks)...

Make some shaved ice in your blender or food processor...

Drizzle juice on the shaved ice using Mr. Honey Bear and
-- instant snow cone

This is great for parties or play dates where the kiddies can pick their favorite flavor and color. So remember, when the honey has run out, SAVE THE BEARS!

See you tomorrow for another Tada! idea.


  1. Thanks Shaz! Have a nice day =)

  2. Another idea that I never would have thought of that makes perfect sense. I love those bowls and spoons too! Feel like sharing your source on them? :o)

  3. Way cute! Your blog is so darling :) Thanks for checking out my blog too!

  4. very creative, I love your ideas :)

  5. Ahhh, I always wanted my parents to buy those bears but they always wanted to buy either good or cheaper honey. haha.
    This would be good for a mustard carton too.
    And for homemade chocolate syrup for the bananas! =D
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hello Brittanie! Got the bowls in Target (last summer) and the spoons I got years ago in Thailand.

    Thanks Katie & Nuit for visiting today =)

    Hi BumbleBecky! Thanks for the other useful ideas for Honey Bear Containers!

  7. I would never have thought of making my own snow cone! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Hi Jakki! Can't wait for you to try homemade snow cones -- you can control the sugar, too =)


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