28 September 2009

Too Cool for School

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's the end of September and how quickly time flies! Children, teenagers and many adults are back in school and I can't help thinking about my days as a student. One of my favorite things to do was to go shopping for school supplies -- fresh pens, new erasers and blank notebooks, ready to be filled with notes, numbers and doodles. Oh, the promise of new beginnings!

When the new school season begins, I must say that I get quite excited. Okay, so I'm not a student, but I love perusing the "back to school" aisles of Target, Staples and Office Warehouse. Not only are there many good deals, you can use many of these items at home or in the office.
Take for example this mini clipboard:

Just plain and shall we say, a bit blah.

By simply adding a sheet of scrapbook paper
(mounted with white glue & a layer of Modge Podge)...

Tada! A cute & colorful clipboard for
To Do Lists and

See you again tomorrow!


  1. aww very pretty Claire! all of my clipboards are Blah.... I never thought of doing this! thanks sweets. Have a lovely week!

  2. Good Morning Nuit! I also wish you a wonderful week =)

  3. Very cute! I love back to school too, can't beat the feeling of new pens and paper! :)

    PS I'm having a GIVEAWAY, please stop by and enter to win! I'd love to know what you think of my designs :)

  4. Okay I have to jump on this Mopag or whatever it is ban wagon. I love back to school shopping and you totally decked out this clip board. I'm going to michales to get me some of that stuff, and then going to google how to use it and what it's for. lol

  5. Thanks so much PrettyPinkRat...I'll be stopping by your blog =) I hope I win!

    Hi Lisa -- I'm glad I'm not alone in getting a high from back to school shopping! Happy crafting, girl =)

  6. Lovely clipboard!! You certainly transformed it and made it your own.

    I love stationery and even though I'm no longer a student, I find myself spending a lot of time at that section of the store :)

  7. even the pen matches the stripes! i'm back to school so maybe i'll need one of these to spruce things up.

  8. Aww this is sucha sweet clipboard!

  9. Hello Cookie Cutter -- thanks for visiting!

    Hi Tom Tuttle! Good luck with school =)

    Hey there Fiona, thanks for stopping by!


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