08 September 2009

Bear-y Sweet!

Happy Tuesday! We're on a mission to save the bears this week...

Honey bear bottles to be exact!
When the honey has be consumed,
clean the bottle
and save it for another use.

Use it to serve sugar syrup for coffee and cocktails.
This assures you that there are no sugar crystals
at the bottom of the mug or glass!

To make sugar syrup, you will need: 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar. In a small saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add the sugar and stir until it has dissolved. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes. Cool and transfer to honey bear bottle. Store in fridge.

Ain't it great that you can have Mr. Honey Bear with you day or night?
Wishing you a sweet day...see you tomorrow!


  1. Oh my goodness, i LOVE the concept of your blog, i'm so excited to start reading it regularly!!!! :D And thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Hi Sunny! Thanks for visiting me today! Welcome to my blog =)

  3. These bears are used in my house as a replacement sippy cup...I have loads of these bears...so if we are going out I throw drinks
    in these for the toddlers and preschoolers..(baby is too mess so she still gets a sippy)
    sooo if we get to where we are going and loose or leave a sippy cup then no real loss.
    Also they love that they can see what they are drinking. I will some times add a little juice or water to the bears at night... throw them in the freezer first. Then in the morning there is Ice all ready in there!
    And there is no trying to wedge a huge Ice cube into a little bear head infront of shocked little kids. (*^_^*)
    (I have 6 kids soo you can imagine the faces)
    I will sometimes add a straw.
    Also these bears are fun in winter...we add food coloring and cold water(warm would melt the snow) and use it to color snow...does your snow man need colored hair?
    also these bears are great for organizing embrodery floss! Or thread...pot a piece of dubble stick tape on your thread bottom...them drop in...using your finger..press down firmly into the bear.
    After words stick your thread through the lid. This is great for silk thread because it never stays straight!
    And the old stand by too...I add a little soap and use them for table or floor clean up...you get just the amount of soap you need
    The kids love to use these bears in the bath too...and they are great for kids just learning to shampoo... add a little water to
    the shampoo and they do not add to much from the main bottle of shampoo...see?
    I love your site, and can't wait to see what else you use these little bears for next!!!

  4. Hi Rane! Oh my, you have so many cool ideas! Thanks so much for sharing all of these...will definitely use my honey bears for these =)

  5. Simply lovely claire!!! and oh my! Rane's ideas are fab! I know my son will love it in the tub!!! xo

  6. I'm definitely going to use this idea! I hate that my sugar doesn't melt in my lemonade or iced tea, so was planning on making sugar syrup but didn't know where to store it!

  7. Oh I have loads more...we also use them for ketchup and mustard and such...we have a large
    family and buy in bulk...these make the sauces easier to handle for the little ones.
    It is great for mixing dressings...so if you make to much you can just stash it in the fridge until the next salad. It is great for
    Ice cream sauces too... and if you need it warmed just toss into the microwave.
    If you want a very cool drink when you are sick... using several of these bears mix jello into a different bowls... different
    flavors ... making them in batches just when you need them... making the jello a little thin...add to the bears in layers. When done you should have rainbow feel better jello bears. if you make it a bit thin then the bear jello can be drank. If little ones have sore throats this does the trick! *(My little ones hate to drink any sports drink or the pedialite drinks so this is something they love when they are sick..and even though they are laying down there is no mess!)
    You can just use one color of jello if you do not want to use different colors.
    Have a "beary fun day!"

  8. Hello Nuit & Christina! Glad you like this bear-y sweet idea =)

    Rane -- you rock! You can write a book about how to reuse a honey bear bottle! Thanks so much for the additional ideas =)

  9. Thank you ladies!! I love to recycle things...
    these bears are so cute you cant help but want to keep them~ who could throw them out?!
    ok...do want more ideas??
    How about you use for each child to make their own pancake... the pears that you cut the top off yourself is best so you can cut it a bit larger. Then you just heat your
    pan, then make a face first... then when the
    eyes and mouth start to fry add the rest of the rest of the batter on top. the bear makes it easy to control the pancake face.
    it is great for adding milk or cream to coffee... then you can store it in the fridge
    when done...
    and they are great for kid bowling and in ball toss to nock over the bears... we also
    add colored water to them and use them for ring toss. also you can use them for making sand art!
    hope these are fun too!

  10. Thanks you Biz319!

    Okay Rane, seriously, you have to start writing your book! You have a gazillion ideas for the humble honey bear! =)

  11. (*Ü*)
    Thank you for your kind words...
    I will stop posting or you will
    not have any ideas for the rest of
    the week .... (*Ü*)
    I hope I did not steal any of your
    ideas!! (*^_^*)
    Loads of recycling love!!
    Have fun!!

  12. Hi Rane! Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas =)

  13. Love the recyclying idea. I try to recycle just about everything, even the coffee grinds and leftover coffee (goes into the garden). I don't buy honey in bears, but this is a great idea for those who do. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. Horay Judy for all your recycling projects! Thanks for visiting me today =)

  15. I absolutely love this concept. Honey in bear bottle is one of the best ways for kids to have fun while having their meals. This will make it easier for me to feed them.


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