22 July 2010

Adorn Thy Neck

Like me, you might have some bracelets & necklaces
that you haven't worn for some time.

It's time for a revamp, ladies!

Take the beads off their strings &
keep them in segregated containers
like egg cartons, muffin tins or
ice cube trays.

This helps you see how much you've got
and what colors to work with.

Today, I'm working with
blacks and browns.

TADA! I've assembled odds & ends
to create this bib necklace.

I sewed the beads to a piece of felt & randomly
attached the capiz pendants with hot glue.
The chain is also an old necklace & I can make
it longer or shorter depending on how I tie the ribbon.

TADA! It's a necklace I can wear for a casual or formal event.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. I would match this beautiful necklace with a very low-cut corset .... so sexy!

  2. Oooh, that sounds fabulous Melafragola! :)

  3. What a great idea! I have thought to recycle old necklaces - though they do normally end up in my girls dress up box!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Jodie! I want to join your girls and play dress-up, too :)


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