30 July 2010

Gift Enclosed

This week, I told you about the Benevolent Postcard Society. Even if you aren't a member, I hope it inspires you to write a postcard on your next holiday or make one for a friend's birthday.

Next week, it will be August and I'll be mailing another postcard. I wonder who it'll be for? But I'm not wondering what postcard I'll be sending out. Wanna see?

Remember this box I made a few weeks ago?
I'm putting my postcard inside!

"What postcard requires a box?", you say?
Well, this one's three-dimensional!

Blah: an empty decorative tin that
used to hold a jar of the most luscious
dulce de leche from Argentina.

It's so cute, I had to find a new use for it!

You can open it two ways.

I printed out a blank vintage postcard.

Then removed the original label from the can
and replaced it with the postcard.
{I'll attach the real one with a more personal
message once I get my pen pal's name}

And I just had to tuck a gift inside:

Tada!: A set of jacks!

Enclosed also are the instructions on
how to play jacks... to refresh her memory
or to teach her how to play if it wasn't
a childhood game for her.

My postcard fits perfectly inside the box.
Who says postcards need to be flat?
I can't wait to mail it!

Please do something fun this weekend.
Enjoy everyone!


  1. omg what an amazing gift!! you are the sweetest member in that society i am sure, what a thoughtful little treat =D

  2. Love this idea and love the idea about sending postcards to strangers.Snail mail is cool.Wish I knew about this earlier.

  3. Thank you dear Nuit and Sumi! Please have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. that is a fantastic postcard! Happy sunday!! :)

  5. I really appreciate all your nice notes Miss Papgena! :)

  6. I love the box, the tin, the postcard.. everything! Wish I was on the receiving end of your postcard!

  7. fabulous! I am from now following your lovely ideas!!!

  8. Goodness...I love everything about this...the whole concept and your little post card box......What a lovely treat!

  9. Hello & welcome to my blog Mnemonique and GB! I hope that you'll find a happy surprise in your mailbox or inbox soon :)

  10. Well, I am the lucky recipient of Claire's wonderful 3D postcard, and I have to say it has really put a smile on my face!! Not only is it the neatest thing ever, but it arrived in time for my birthday (August 22nd)! So Claire, I send you a very big thank you!! And I am happy to have found your wonderful blog filled with so many creative ideas. Hugs, Beth

  11. Hi Beth! {Can you see me waving?!} Thanks so much for this beautiful note and I'm equally happy that the package arrived. Happy, happy birthday and have a nice & playful {wink} week!


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