27 July 2010

A Vial of Fortune

Yesterday, I told you about the
where I am a member.

We keep the art of letter-writing alive.
We meet new friends from all over the world.
We express our creative side.
All through a postcard.

Today, I'll show you one of the postcards I assembled.

It started with these wise words from fortune cookies.
{I'm guilty of regularly ordering Chinese take-out!}

There are some fortunes that I agree with.
There are some that rang true in some points of my life,
for example, "You will travel to new places".
Maybe that's why I collected them.

But it was time to share my good fortune.

So I put them in this vial
{It's originally packaging for a make-up brush
that I just embellished.}

Tada! A vial of good fortune.

Then I wrote a short letter at the back of this
postcard that I got from Hong Kong.

Yes, I had a little "Chinese" theme going on,
even if fortune cookies did not originate in China.

I put these in an envelope and mailed it to Jane
and she kindly sent me this e-mail:

Hi Claire

I got your lovely package in the mail yesterday - thank you!
Such a lovely treat to come home to on a Friday, after a long work week.
That vial of good fortune brought the biggest smile to my face.
Thanks & Happy March!


Snail mail rocks!


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