21 July 2010

Let's Wear a Rainbow

This week, I'm creating new necklaces out of old necklaces.

Today's piece is inspired by some that I've seen

I like the layers & flower detail of this one.

This one has such yummy colors!

Now, it's blah to TADA! time!

Using the beads from my old necklaces plus
some loose beads in shades of the ocean,
here's what I came up with:

TADA! A colorful, multi-strand neckpiece!

I made some floral brooches using
more loose beads I got from the
thrift store.

Then I added them to the necklace.

There's a pin at the back of each
brooch that allows me to move
them around this necklace or
to another necklace.

TADA! Make a statement without
saying a word!

See you again tomorrow.


  1. Those are WAY cute! Do you have instructions on how to make the brooches?

  2. Thanks for stopping by today Ashley! The brooches are easy to make. You will need tear-drop or petal-shape beads, round beads, needle, thread, scissors, scraps of felt, brooch pin or safety pin and a glue gun. Here's what you need to do:
    (1) Connect the tear-drop/petal-shape beads together to form a circle by running a threaded needle through the holes. Pull tightly & secure end with several knots.
    (2) Cut felt scraps into circles, the size of a dime or quarter (depending on how big a flower you're making). Make 3 circles per flower & stack them on top of each other.
    (3) Attach the flower you made in Step 1 to the felt by hand stitching the beads to the stack of felt circles. Make the needle & thread go through each hole of the beads & into the felt. Finish with several tight knots.
    (4) Sew round beads on the empty middle section of the felt. You can use one big bead or several little ones. Finish with several
    tight knots.
    (5) Attach the brooch pin at the back using hot glue or tightly sew on a safety pin. Trim any excess felt that peep through the flower.

  3. oh my goodness girl! you are talented! i have nothing like left over beads, but i'm sure i can find some someplace, & then i am doing your project. completely amazing!

  4. Now I know why I've been saving all the old beads over the years! I'm going to give it a try :)

  5. Thanks Karen for the sweet note! If you visit garage sales, flea markets or thrift stores, you're bound to find some old necklaces. If you visit craft stores or sewing supplies shop, the may carry loose beads, too :)

    Thanks for your visit Kimberj! I'm glad that you'll get to use your old beads. I'm sure they'll be happy to have new life!

  6. Hello Sumi! Hello Nuit! My rainbow necklace says, "Thanks for the compliments!" :)

  7. Thanks, thanks, thanks Miss ThingsILove!

  8. That means a lot from a stylish gal like you! Thanks Miss Destined for Now :)

  9. Wow these are gorgeous!! You are really talented! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'll need to blog about you now!! :]

  10. Welcome to my blog Owlette and thanks for your post today :) I'm very honored!

  11. I really like your version of the colorful Anthro necklace

  12. I'm very happy to know that Justine! Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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