28 July 2010

Wisdom from Raisins

It's all about postcards on my blog this week.

You see, I'm a member of the Benevolent Postcard Society.
We're this century's version of the pen pal.

In this age of texts, Twitter & Facebook,
it's a rare treat to receive a postcard, greeting card
or handwritten letter your mailbox.

And here's one that I found in my mailbox
a few months ago:

It's from Lori, the brains & muscle behind

I had won a contest she hosted!
I still have a high from that win
{I'm not very lucky with these things}
and the magnets are on my fridge door.

Anyway, today I am sharing another postcard I made.
It's not required to make one (store bought will do);
but hey, I needed an excuse for some
blah to TADA!

Blah: empty raisin boxes

Check out the flap.

TADA! -- some words of wisdom.

They made an impact on me, so why not
share them with someone?

So I cut them out and glued them
to a blah postcard.

I hope that whoever receives this will
be reminded of the things that matter.

I decorated the back of the postcard with
magazine cut-outs and will finish with
a short & sweet message.


  1. Love this post, Claire. The card you've made is so lovely and I didn't realize that there are words of wisdom on Sun-Raisin Packages?! What a discovery, thanks.

  2. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart today. I love that you recycle. What a great idea with the raisin box. I am in the process of saving the hand warmers you get on to go cups at Starbucks and other places. I am going to make my Christmas cards with them this year. The message will be something about being wrapped in the warmth of the season. Just an idea you might like to play with.

  3. Cute idea! And thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

  4. That is such a great idea! {Inspiration+wisdom} postcard.

    I do miss handwritten letters too.

    Nice blog!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment! I am charmed by your mission to send real posts through snail-mail. I will visit you again when I can read through your other posts. Delightful postcard!

  6. Hello there Alexandra & Julia, Marilyn, Frivolitea, Marta and Karen! Wow, thanks so much for visiting and for leaving lovely comments that definitely made my day!

    Marilyn -- the blah to go cup cosies that will be made in TADA! holiday greeting cards is absolute genius! Now I'm saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" Thanks so much for sharing the idea :)

  7. that boxes are fun (what are sun raisins?)!
    and your card is awsome!
    You are right, it's a shame we loose write by hand's habits.

  8. Hi there Miss Papgena! I'm glad you like this postcard :) I hope you'll be able to try raisins one day. They are dried grapes, are very sweet -- great to eat as a snack and can be added to food like salads and baked goods (bread, cookies).


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