13 July 2010

Cherry-Berry Pops

Yesterday, I took you on a road trip
where we got to take home a lot
of cherries.

And when I say "a lot", I mean, a lot!
When life gives you cherries...

Turn them into popsicles!

I melted some vanilla ice cream,
added the cherries {pitted & chopped}
and threw in some chopped strawberries &
blackberries. Mix well & pour into
popsicle molds.

Leave in the freezer for a few hours
then unmold.

TADA! Homemade Cherry-Berry Pops!

Make some using fruits that are abundant this summer.
Because letting them spoil is a big blah.

It's also a wonderful way to beat the heat!


  1. That sounds perfect...thinking I might try to make a yogurt variety!

  2. Hi Marfa...yes, yogurt is a healthier but still delicious alternative :)

    I'll share some with you Melafragola!

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  3. Oh dear Claire..you have me drooling..ice cream or yogurt with fresh berries..all sounds wonderful!!
    Now where did my popsicle molds go..

  4. Ui!
    parece delicioso!!!
    seems delicious!!!

  5. Hi Betty -- I had to have popsicles because it's been so hot & humid here :)

    Gracias Miss Papgena Made It!

    Thanks for your visit girls!

  6. Gorgeously delicious. Your photography rocks too. :)

  7. Delia, you're a sweetheart! I rarely get compliments on my photography...thank you!

  8. YUM. Those look so good. Did you pick any Montmorency cherries? I love those.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  9. Thanks for visiting Kate! Ooohh, I've yet to try Montmorency cherries. :)


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