12 August 2010

Arm Candy

How's it going everyone?
I hope your week has been great!

Today, I'm continuing my bottle cap transformation.

Why throw these away when you can
turn them from blah...

...to TADA!
The bottle caps are now bangles!

In fact, they're fabric scraps from an old project.

I strung the covered caps together with elastic string.
Festoon with a ribbon, a button or some beads.

Wear it alone.

Or wear both.

You can even layer it with your
other pieces of jewelry.

See how many people can tell that
your fashionable cuff is really made
out of bottle caps!


  1. Great idea, I like to look up to you and preview ideas. I greet and wish you a thousand ideas

  2. You are so sweet Balbina! Thanks for visiting and for the kind wishes :)

  3. Claire you're sooo creative. These ideas are great. I cant wait to try to make this super cute bracelet.
    Thanks for stopping by The Studio's blog as well.
    Great work!

  4. Thanks Thais for stopping by! :)

  5. Great ideas! You are super creative - totally admire that.

  6. Appreciate your visit & lovely words Cindy!

  7. I think this is my favorite one...this and the pie. It's a tie. Your are so very creative.

  8. Oh Delia, thanks so much for your note today!


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