17 August 2010

Travel Journals

Yesterday, I told you about my new camera.

After a fun scavenger hunt, I'm left with these photos.
Instead of leaving them in a dark drawer,
let's make them useful!

Have I told you that I love to travel?
I keep these little notebooks for each destination I visit.

Before the trip, I write down places to check out like shops,
restaurants, markets, important phrases, basic etiquette,
cultural activities and unique experiences.

During the trip, it serves as a journal and a scrapbook
where I can stick business cards or found treasures
like a leaf, a ticket to a museum or a bus pass.
The prints taken from my new camera will now find
a place in the pages of my travel journals.

But for now, here's what I'm doing
with the prints that I already have:

I'll use them as labels for the face of each notebook.

It adds some visual interest...

And serves a functional purpose, too!

See you again tomorrow.


  1. so cute!!! that is such a great idea because whenever you are going back to that one city you can go look at your journal to plan that next visit!!! awesome, i really ♥ it.

  2. such a cute idea! i have a ton of pictures from my ecuador trip and this looks like a perfect way to show people what is in each album

  3. I love love love how you chronicle your trips like this.

  4. Gosh...that camera is SO cool. I bet you're having fun with it! Love that picture of the bicycles...

  5. Usually I bring a journal but I like this idea better. What brand notebooks do you use?

  6. Thanks a lot Nuit, Julie, Delia, Marfa & Carmie!
    I hope you gals can use this idea :) By the way, Carmie -- I buy a bunch of small notebooks so they are easy to carry/stash in my bag -- at Muji, paper/stationery stores and museum shops!


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