06 August 2010

Hang It Up

We made it! It's finally Friday!
I hope you all had a productive week.

These wire hangers had the pleasure of a
blah to Tada! transformation everyday this week.

Like yesterday's project, we'll re-shape the hanger
and keep its purpose of hanging stuff.

TADA! Turn it into a mood board.

Use clothespins to display magazine clippings
and other inspirational sheets of paper.

This particular one is for cooking ideas.
{I'm planning to bake a batch of butter cookies &
then frosting them for an upcoming picnic.}

Here's one for future brides -- a place to
pin up your favorite wedding details.

I'd make one, too, containing ideas for
everyday dressing...very helpful
on days when "I have nothing to wear!"

By bending one end, it can hold
artwork without the need for a frame.

A bunch of these on an empty wall is
a wonderful way to display your kids' doodles --
art gallery style!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. since two days I am reading your blog and it is so full of inspirations . Yesterday I made some brooches, I will work on some nice boxes during the weekend. And your post about the keys inspired me to by new post about Tiffany's keys. And I am going to make such a key by myself. We will see how am I going to make something TADA!

  2. You made my Friday Mnemonique! My blog is really to share ideas and I'm so happy it has been a springboard for new ideas for you. I can't wait to see what you make! :)

  3. What a pretty blog :)) I would really appreciate you visiting mine - I think (and hope! :)) you will really like it :)
    Can't wait to hear from you, lovely!

  4. Thanks so much for dropping by Sabina! I love your name :)

  5. Thanks so much Nuit! It's such a simple idea :) Have a delicious weekend!

  6. The frame idea is perfect, I have a 5 year old who makes LOTS of pictures!! Thanks Claire!

  7. You are very welcome Stephanie! Your 5 year old is going to be one crafty/artsy person one day, I just know it!


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