20 August 2010

Books for Cooks

Hey, hey it's finally Friday!

This entire week was about my new camera and
the super fun scavenger hunt that I participated in.

I'm now left with a bag of Polaroid-like photos.
Hiding them in a box would be totally blah,
making me cook up some new uses for them.

Here's one of the photos I took.
It was Item #23 on our scavenger list: books or magazines
for sale on the street on a Northbound Avenue.

How specific was that?!!!

TADA! I turned it into a gift tag.
The image is perfect for this second hand cookbook that I found!

No gift wrap necessary -- just a bow & a photo.

Plus a sweet note written at the back.
The photo can eventually be the bookmark!

Have a delicious weekend ya' all!


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