10 August 2010

Marvelous Medallions

What's your drink of choice this summer?
Mine's root beer.
Thus the growing bottle cap collection:

But from blah...

I turned them into Tada!

Cute medallions that can be a fun activity
for a play date or a sweet party favor.

Want to make some?
I'll show you how!

Here are the things we'll need: scissors, needle, thread,
clean bottle caps, scrap fabric, felt remnants & hot glue.

Cut the fabric scraps into circles ( about 2 1/2 inches).

Make a running stitch around the fabric.

Gather the ends together by pulling the thread.
Insert the bottle cap inside the fabric before
fully pulling the thread to seal the edges.

Make several neat knots at the end
to keep the thread from unraveling.
Cut the excess thread.

Flip the bottle caps and Tada!,
they look like covered buttons!

Decorate further with designs made from felt remnants
and attach to bottle cap with hot glue.

Make a little loop at the top using
needle & thread.

Insert a piece of ribbon, lace, chain or leather string
through the loop.

Tada! An instant medallion to award to good girls & boys!


  1. Claire!!!!!
    You are the best!!!!
    Thank you!!! so much!
    I'm so glad I saved those caps!
    a big hug!!!

  2. Good morning and thank you for your sweet comments Miss Papgena & Ashley :)

  3. I like them best just plain with the fabric covering!

  4. Thanks Marfa! Plain & unadorned works fabulously as well :)

  5. how cute! they look like buttons =D

  6. Hi Nuit! I think you can use them as buttons :) But I need to learn how to make button holes using the sewing machine! Take care!

  7. this idea is amazing. I will do this for sure! I just have to drink some beer before ;) or collect the caps on the street.

  8. Thanks Mnemonique! Just throw a party and leave a small container by the can opener with a sign, "put bottle caps" here :)You'll have bottle caps in no time!

  9. I love this idea...don't have any caps from bottles, but the milk-jug caps could adapt just as easily. I love the look of denim and felt. Lovely idea!!!

  10. Thanks for popping in to say hello GB! Yes, you're right, you can use any size bottle caps; they'll work like a charm (pun intended)!


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