13 August 2010

Mini Blueberry Pie

Happy Friday!
Here's the final installment of my bottle cap
transformation. You got it -- blah to TADA!

Don't these bottle caps remind you of tiny pie plates?

With this in mind, I made this mini blueberry pie!
It's my attempt at making Whimsy Girl's wee pie.
Check out her tutorial...it's a lot of fun!

Add a magnet at the back & use it on the fridge
to hold recipes for fruit pies.

Or use it to decorate a wrapped gift for
your favorite pie-loving friends.

Have an awesome weekend ya' all!


  1. That's really cute and tiny!!!
    Love this week's subject! Thank you Claire!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I just read all of your posts from this week and I'm amazed you can do so many things with bottle caps! Really wonderful ideas here -- I'm a bit sad I don't drink things that have bottle caps.

  3. Hi there Miss Papgena and Brandi! I had fun playing around with the bottle caps and I'm smitten that you enjoyed the ideas :) Have an excellent weekend, too!

  4. Adorable....I had to look closely, I though it was edible at first! Imagine making a REAL mini blueberry pie. FUN.

  5. I used bottle caps as pie plates for my dollhouse as a kid. : )

  6. Thanks for saying "hi" Marfa -- apologies if I fooled you :)

    Thanks also Kitty!

    Hello Felicity! That's a cute story -- I know your dolls enjoyed the pies you made them!

  7. Okay. These mini pies have to be one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time. You are so inspiring!

  8. i have no time for comment in this period!, but be sure: i read your blog every day! love your creation!

  9. Welcome to my blog Krishana! Thanks a lot for your comment :) I hope you're having a fun & crafty weekend!

    Dear Melafragola...I really appreciate your regular visits & comments! Stay productive! :)

  10. This is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for brightening up my dreary computer screen each time I visit!

  11. haha this is so cute! makes we want a pie!

  12. Let's hear it for pie! Thanks a bunch Naomi and Heather! :)


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