19 August 2010

Can I Have Your Number?

This week, I'm showing off my new camera that
I got for free at a B&H summer event in New York City.

It was a scavenger hunt where we were given a list
of things to photograph around the city.

I had loads of fun & I'm left with loads of photos, too.

I'm figuring out ways to put them to good use.

TADA! I turned them into calling cards
to give to a new acquaintance.
{This number is for demonstration purposes only}

It's also a creative way to promote a business:
take a photo of a cake or a craft and
print information details on a sticker that
you can put in front or at the back.

More tomorrow!


  1. That's a great idea. i had one mum do that once...she handed me a baby photo of her kid, with the number at the back. Needless to say, the "calling card" really worked--- much better than those impersonal strips of paper!!

  2. Just wanted to say WOW. I love your blog! I have gotten so many ideas I will be busy for quite a while. Thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot GB and Miss Forskoleburken!


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