18 August 2010

Happy Thoughts

I have this new camera that's almost like a Polaroid,
spitting out a photo {with the lovely white borders}
immediately after taking it.

I have 30 or so prints that I don't want
to just stash away. That would be blah!

So I'm finding some good use for them.

TADA! I turned this one into a teeny-tiny
birthday card to fit a teeny-tiny envelope.

There's some space on the border to write a witty one-liner
and I can enclose a sheet of stationery if I want to
write a longer message.

It will be fun to see my friends' reaction when they look at
this Polaroid photo...so old school but so much fun!


  1. Love your camera Claire! I've always liked white borders to frame a photo. It's a frame in itself. I read below how you came about this camera and it's so awesome! What a great place! You're lucky to live near such amazing opportunities.

    Sounds like you're having a lovely summer!


  2. Let's hear it for old school! Thanks Miss Papgena, Nuit & Reese :)


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