15 December 2010

Another Gingerbread Man

One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating the
Christmas tree.

An empty tree can be quite blah.
I just can't wait until the lights are strung, the decorations
are hung and the star is positioned on top!

For sure, one holiday tradition I'd like to begin
is to make our own ornaments. It's fun for the family,
each ornament will have a story and will never be
available in any store.

Doing that is easy using this salt dough recipe
and a bunch of cookie cutters. It's almost like
making cookies, but ones that lasts for generations.

I know, I've been infatuated with gingerbread people lately.
I just can't resist them, especially this one
with a special message stamped on it.

You can achieve this with these cool cookie cutters

Here's what my gingerbread boy looks like
after being baked and a coat of paint.

Isn't he adorable on the tree?
I hope Santa doesn't mistake
him for a real cookie!


Your comments are very much appreciated!