02 December 2010

A Gingerbread House

This week on my blog, it's all about crafting gift boxes
for your Christmas presents.

They're easy and inexpensive to make,
they look fabulous and the basic materials come
from your kitchen cupboard.
Like the blah cracker box.

With a little transformation using my magic wand...

Tada! It's an adorable gingerbread house!

Just insert the gift {wrap it in tissue for
added surprise} in the opening on top.
The recipient can then re-use this box
for future gift giving!


  1. This gingerbread house is so cute, Claire. My cracker box is almost empty and now I know what I'll do with it. Won't that be a lovely surprise package for the little girl I have in mind.
    Thank you for these wonderful ideas this week..I'm running with 'em:)

  2. So happy you like the ideas Betty! I know you'll make very fun & creative boxes! Thanks for stopping by today! :)


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