03 December 2010

The Gingerbread Man

If yesterday, I made my version of a gingerbread house,
today, I might as well make a gingerbread man, right?

So I'll start off with blah, empty food cartons like these:

Then cover each in left-over gift wrap.
Add some cord for the handles, attach
my good looking gingerbread man and...

Tada! A cute gift box!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. You know, with all the things I've used to wrap presents in my life, I can't believe I never thought to take an old food box and give it a make over Your friends and family must love getting gifts from you...because not only is the present amazing, but you put so much work into the wrapping too! I bet it makes them feel extra special :)

  2. Very cute Claire! I love the felted gingerbread man!

  3. Thanks LacyHolly! One of the best things I like about gift giving is the gift wrapping! And over the years, I've tried to be resourceful & eco-friendly, too. :)

    Thanks a lot Reese! Glad you like Mr. Gingerbread! I think I'll try to make real gingerbread cookies next time!

  4. I'm busy scrounging my cupboard for interesting looking boxes:)
    Your Gingerbread man is sooo cute!
    Have a great weekend Claire!

  5. Heehee, that's wonderful Betty! The Gingerbread Man say "thanks"! Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend, too.

  6. Absolutely adorable! I really want to copy this.

  7. Thanks for coming over Miss Destined for Now! Copy away! :)

  8. You are too cool Lizzykewl! Thanks for visiting! :)


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