13 December 2010

A Christmas Card

Let me tell you about something I came across
in the public garbage can. I found a clear plastic
bag (sealed) containing these:

CD envelopes!
Fifty pieces of clean, unused CD envelopes!
Clearly, nobody had wanted these, so I helped myself
to the stack. {But please know that no matter how much
I like making stuff out of "trash", I don't go through
other people's garbage bins. Heehee!}

Okay, here's what I eventually used them for:

My 2010 Christmas card!
Inspired by this card I crafted last year, I decided
to include a handmade ornament.

Using this salt dough recipe, I made heart-shaped
ornaments with a cookie cutter. I added a hole on top
with a skewer and then baked these in the oven.

After cooling, I painted the hearts in a sparkly silver.

Then I slipped in a silver cord through the hole
and attached the ornament on red card stock
(trimmed to fit the CD envelope)
with a holiday message.

I wrote more personal messages on the
back plus a suggestion on how to use
the ornament: on a tree, a wreath or
around a doorknob.

I hope my relatives and friends
like this card + ornament that they
can use year after year!


  1. Cute! I love salt dough. So simple to make and so versatile. I bet the recipients of these lovely Christmas wishes will love receiving your newest craft.

  2. Wow! Great idea indeed! Yey to upcycling!

  3. Claire...what can I say to you...I just don't have words and you probably are tired of read the same everytime, neverthless: YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!
    There, I said it again!! :)
    And thanks for the link to the recipe!

  4. Appreciate the sweet comments Bettina, Lady Stapler and Miss Papgena! Happy Holidays dear ladies! :)

  5. So pretty Claire. The silver hearts are beautiful.

  6. The wonders a garbage can holds:) Blah to most but you had a brilliant idea, Claire..just beautiful!!

  7. I'm pleased that you like the cards/hearts Delia!

  8. Thank you Betty! The envelopes were too good to resist! :)


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